Wednesday, May 13, 2009

When the A/C compressor Conks Out

About a year ago, I was tasked to drive my son's volleyball team to a competition. It was in the middle of simmer and therefore excruciating hot. With about 12 big-tall-over-excited teens cramped in my van, I proceeded to drive. The venue was about 30 km. away from home base. Half-way through, the boys at the back of the van started to complain that the auto a/c was not working. True enough, the compressor conked out! We reached the game venue, cranky and hot. What a day for your a/c compressor to give-out. It's great that you can avail of bargain-priced a/c compressors at Diesel Parts Pro. The site also offers different auto parts and more. My van, diesel gas powered, might need a new diesel fuel pump injector. I might as well check the site out.

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