Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's Time to Get a Web Host

I have been contemplating on buying a domain for this blog and then transferring to my own webhosting site. My other blog has its own domain name but I am still with a free hosting site. My plan is to get a domain name for this blog then get a credible and functional webhosting package for my two blogs. There are a lot of webhosting packages offered by numerous web host providers in the net today. The question is who gives the best deal at the best possible price? I checked to find out the top ten web hosts for 2009.

Almost all web host providers offer unlimited space and traffic, host unlimited domains and free domain name forever. The quantifying issue then would be the monthly fees and technical support. The only real problem I have now is how will I go about transferring my domains to a web host provider? I don't know how! Exploring each of the top ten webhosting sites I learned that these companies will help me setup my domain transfer and other pertinent stuff. With unlimited add-on domains, unlimited hosting space and file transfer, the special promo of $1.99 is a steal!

Thinking of finally buying your own domain name and acquiring the services of web hosting company? Check out www.webhostinggeeks. com. The site even has blog articles pertaining to everything you need to know about web hosting.

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anu said...

I read this article.I transfer my domain name with tucktail. From this we can transfer domain name from one host to another & we can check the domainname availability also.


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