Saturday, May 9, 2009

Lost Keys

My eldest child was about 20 months old when she unknowingly locked-in my newborn baby in my bedroom. The key was nowhere to be found. I think it was inside the bedroom itself. My hubby was not at home. It was only me and my two baby girls: one locked inside the bedroom, the other one with me outside the locked the bedroom asking me why I was crying. I had no way of unlocking the door. I do not know who to call as we were new in the neighborhood. What I did defies explanation up to now. I got myself a real sharp knife and tried to pry open the doorknob with it all the while praying. I can hear my month old baby crying and what worried me more was that she was not in her crib but on my bed. A few minutes of praying and prying brought on a miracle. The door was unlocked and I was to get in just in time. From then on I made sure I had sets of extra keys every where in the house.

If you only have one key for a certain door, make sure you call a qualified locksmith to make you a copy. If you lose a key and can't find it, a locksmith will come in handy too - he could either pick the lock or fabric a new one. A friend of mine called in an Orlando Locksmith when she lost her set of house keys. She had the locksmith copy her husband's set and for good measure had two sets made. She said the service was of high quality and very affordable.

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