Friday, May 29, 2009

My Dream Cars

My son's former high school classmates dropped by out house one late night. One of them just had a new car and he picked up his high school buddies for a spin. The car, a BMW, was an 18th birthday gift from his dad. My son said the Beemer was all high-tech and push button which led me to search on BMW videos to know more about such cars. I happened on a site that "tells it all". Pick a BMW model and a video clip of the said card model would pop up completer with detailed specifications. Click on a link and stories about the cars or news relating to the same make are available for interested parties to read. You can read about a particular model's performance, design, utility, safety and value. There's even a feedback on the possible emotional appeal that one can experience with a specific model. I took a particular liking to a 2009 BMW 335i Sedan. It is currently the best seller of the BMW 3-series. With a front engine and rear while drive,3 liter, twin-turbocharged Inline-6 engine, and a power of 300 hp @ 5800 rpm with a 6-speed automatic gear, this "baby" would certainly light up my life!

For more practical but awesome cars too, a link to Honda videos are also available. Now, if you want to throw all caution to the wind and get your dream car, check out the Jaguar videos. I just did and now I want a 2009 Jaguar XF on top of my BMW 355i.

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harshit arora said...

at 21....even i dream.bout owning an audi...someday...have got the hard work...all am luking for is a lucky break....
god loves kids...he just might answer our prayers....


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