Friday, May 22, 2009

Legal Matter Dilemma

My in-law's family owned corporations need a good lawyer. The string of lawyers that have handled their legal matters were all inept in a sense. They billed the corporations left and right and my in-laws had no way of telling if they were billed correctly and honestly. It was frustrating as there was no way of checking for the billed hours.

High technology is the answer for this dilemma as E-billing is now available all for the benefit of both clients and law firms. In a nutshell E-billing is all about outsource law firms submitting their invoices to their clients. The system is also integrated with the accounting department and Matter Management that would ensure a methodical flow of invoice and budget. The system allows for a complete record of billings, commentaries, answers to inquiries, and more. The system is easy to learn and adapt too. No need for uber-tech know-how here. The system, developed by TeamConnect Collaborati Spend Management, also simplifies invoice review and imposes billing guidelines in your legal operations. Some of the most notable features of the system are:

* Ensure compliance with established billing guidelines and automatically reject non-compliant invoices.
* Automatically mark non-compliant invoices with warnings at both the invoice level and line item level.
* Auto-adjust non-compliant items such as charge rates and unauthorized expenses.
*Automatically route invoices to the appropriate approvers and configure allocated approval times at the process and individual stop levels.

TeamConnect could also organize and streamline your Litigation Hold
agenda so that all communications are placed in a single-trackable location. Check out the site for more information.

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