Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Profitable Business Idea

I am now seriously thinking of investing in vending machines for business. Life is hard. Earning money is harder what with current global recession et al. I know of a friend who has vending machines located in strategic places like schools and public buildings and she is earning quite a lot of money without the hassle. Now, not all vending machines are the same. We've all had our share of non-functioning vending machines. I browsed the net, found and learned that the 1800Vending Refreshment Center is one of the best if not the best vending machine there is. Designed to be highly functional and attractive the machine has snack, healthy snack, soda, juice, bottled water, sports drink and energy drink in it. It accepts $1 and $5 bills and upgraded coin changer and electronic sales history program.

Years of research and testing has enabled the company to come up with the list of products that are best sellers. The snack and soda vending machine is secure, tamper-resistant and has maximum security lock that a 7-Year Written 100% Limited Warranty on every single part. You might want to know more or have questions about the product so check out 1800Vending Blog or its company's summary report at 1800Vending LinkedIn Profile.


Stuff could always be worse said...

I think it is a business to try, a man in my Church has made a good living with vending machines. I could ask him what he uses, if you want. Sounds like you did the research and we are in Georgia US.

desperateblogger said...

@ stuff could be worse: yes. my friend who has about 4 vending machines has a steady income through it.


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